Yes, this exists, but you have to go to Mexico to get it.  This is actually one of 6 known variations.  Even doesn’t have Sabor Chiles Ahumados.

Microsoft Studios and Xbox have kicked-off a major marketing campaign to generate interest in their upcoming XBOX ONE X console.   Frito Lay’s Doritos will contain codes for prizes and other considerations.


There is no word yet as to when these bags will be made available outside of Mexico.  It is typical for food manufacturers to have limited, regional test-bed for certain new flavors.  Mexico has in recent years seen a steady increase in video game console sales.  Xbox 360 has dominated Latin America for years and this latest X Console will test Microsoft’s strength in an area where the average monthly income is just over $800 USD…not far off the speculated Price of the Xbox One X.

This is the box that will be promoted for the new marketing campaign.  For the price of the new console, they better have those bags of  Sabor Chiles Ahumados.