So today has been a rather trying but rewarding day for the site.

For one reason or another, the main Xbox we use decided it wanted to get drunk last night.  Today, when anything we tried to open whether it was an APP, GAME, WHATEVER it kept freezing and occasionally getting Error 0x8027025a.  THIS on a day when Xbox Users began to have access to Bungie’s Destiny 2 Beta Test.

After LITERALLY 4 hours and 3 XBOX Live Representatives later, we had to do a Complete System flush.  Thanks Microsoft Studios for your tomfoolery and shenanigans.

Good things on the horizon:

According to Fed Ex, our sweet new PC should arrive tomorrow.  This means that we can finally get back to editing videos for the WeirdosXxXx YOUTUBE channel. 

We did get through the DESTINY 2 BETA and will be uploading plenty of screenshots and play-through videos.  The game was not a far departure from the Original Destiny, and we mean the early days!  We’re working on a review but so far, the Destiny Kool-Aide is running through our veins!