Climbing Mount Everest

Story by Ross Waller


Although most my goals in the first Destiny were completed, one always eluded me; top Trials of Osiris honors. So after missing out on the Lighthouse in Destiny 1, I was determined to do anything in my power to get to the new Exclusive are for those who go Flawless in Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine.   

The magic of the internet helped to find solutions and ways to get better at the new weekly event known now as the Trials of the Nine.  This is a Destiny weekend event where you get a score card on wins and losses. 7 match wins in a row is a perfect score. Doing this unlocks even more vendors in the Citadel. These vendors are called an Emissary of the Nine…… do we remember anyone else that works for the 9? Xur our weekly exotic dealer that shows up and teases us with some gear we almost always couldn’t have gotten on our own.   

Who are these illustrious NINE? Maybe we will find out soon. But back to the point at hand.  After going loss after loss in the Trials on Friday with members of our Destiny Clan LIFTED MINDS, I was determined to not allow history to repeat itself by missing-out on all the cool gear or seeing a place in the game I never got to.  After doing a bit of online research and combing the web for help I came across a website that has a mission to help hardcore Guardians like myself to attain the most difficult missions DESTINY has to offer. has been around since the first Destiny and I wish I had known then what I know now.  They offer all kinds of services from taking you on a flawless TRIALS run to taking you through the Raids.  They even offered to help you win Sparrow races in the old sparrow racing league in Destiny 1!! (Sparrow: the super-cool means of transportation in the Destiny games; kind of like a speeder bike from Star Wars except you can customize them with  different “perks”).  Theses “Sherpas” will either help you get your wins or they will sign into your account and complete it for you if you don’t have the time or don’t simply don’t want to do it yourself. For the record, there is a cheaper price for them to sign into your account and do it for you.  

Flawless or Bust 

There where so many questions raised in my mind such as legitimacy in attaining Gaming Goals for hard-earned cash.  Another big concern regarded any consequences that may transpire from having someone else use my account.  After contacting the site’s help department, I was very confident in not just their business model but it was their customer service who won me over by going above and beyond to satisfy my needs.  They never made me feel like my questions weren’t valid and helped to get a better understanding of what clients will be getting involved. It was then an easy decision: Flawless Run through the Trials of the Nine.  

After making the decision to go forward, the option to set an appointment time for my meeting with my Sherpas was given.  I was told I would be contacted by a gamer named “Fazz” on Xbox Live prior to our appointment to confirm and go over any additional questions.  I chose 7:00am on a Sunday morning so that there would be no interruptions.  My fiancé and Frodo the dog are still asleep and the rest of our clan wouldn’t wake up for a few more hours (there’s Lifted in many ways).  In complete honesty I was very, VERY excited to finally get a flawless Trials run done. I was up all night like a kid before a drift event (editor’s note: he wouldn’t shut-up about it).  Sleep was restless with the excitement to see things in Destiny I knew exists.  

With the morning freed-up, I was online an hour ahead of time.  To kill time (and to warm-up) before my appointment, I worked on milestones and patrols.  As the time grew closer I got more nervous, how was I going to do ? Would I be a complete scrub? What would I learn? How much would I need to hold my own? So much and anxiety and doubt in my own skills it was nerve-wracking. Then the familiar tone of a received message came from the Xbox.  It was “Fazz” asking if I was ready and when would I like to start!  A wave of relief rolled-over me like a warm blanket.  Fazz was hosting a party already and then brought in my 3 own personal Sherpas!   

AJL, Remersed, and Flashy22 would be like my Three Musketeers and I was D’Artagnan, set to work together in our quest for fortune and fame.  First and foremost, these guys are awesome.  They made the experience not only fast but kept it fun.  The much-needed advice they possess to sharpen-up my gameplay in the Crucible was well-worth the cost to do business. 

True Professionals 

After a small introduction, we went into our first match.  Not only are they great players in terms of stick-play (literal hand-eye coordination skills), their level of communication is something to be studied in ANY first-person-shooter (FPS).  This involved identifying which enemies had weak shields, detailed descriptions about enemy movement on the map, and how to protect leads.  We had an occasional round loss but most matches we crushed the other teams.  

Then I had an epiphany… these are the caliber of player that was preventing me from completing runs on my previous Trials attempts.  There was no trickery, hacks, or exploits going on before.  It was the lack of organized teamwork that ultimately sealed my fate as mediocre in Trials. One of the subtle mistakes that might cost many players games and matches involves winning one-on-one battles (thus giving the enemy team a quick advantage by out numbering your teammates).  Throughout the session, the Sherpas were very open and honest and helped explain how the services of worked behind the scenes.   For instance, all of my Sherpas are from the United Kingdom.  Most of them had also worked in the business of helping gamer attain their goals including Destiny 1.  The website also helps players get through the raid as well.  They explained that although they average about 20-25 guys on the PvP (player vs. player) side of the site they have about 10-15 Sherpas doing PvE (player vs. environment) currently.   

One thing that is rather interesting about my Sherpas is that they play not only on Xbox One but PS4 as well (and soon on PC when it releases).  This detail means they have flexibility are able to switch roles as well as the console the client prefers.  Another fun fact is that although a few of the Sherpas prefer to play on  Xbox One (due to controller functionality) but can they ALL handle ANY gaming challenges thrown their way. is earning the respect of the gaming community and their services get FIVE OUT OF FIVE EXOTIC ENGRAMS! 

I would highly recommend the services of this site for any of your Destiny needs. When your raid team is falling apart or your fire team keeps dying all around what do you do?  Contact the  Sherpas!