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August 22, 2017 Pokemon Go Update News

Submitted by Boss Baller

The Niantic Company made a small but telling update last night to Pokemon Go with version number 0.71.0.  This update features the Super Incubator icon change, Shiny Pokemon spawn code (not verified to release Shiny Pokemon yet) fixes to the Raid System (spawn timers, Lobby, and Connectivity), and now you have the ability to use the search function to look for Pokemon by their move name.

Data-mining of the update has shown that Niantic is also slowly gearing-up for Generation 3 (Gen 3) Pokemon to be added to the game.  According to reports, all 135 Gen 3 Pokemon have been added including 73 Families of Candy.  Although this does not mean that you’ll be catching Aggron, Rayquaza, or Groudon but it does mean that Niantic is working on it…we’re all still waiting on Mewtwo.

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Pokemon Go Fest Chicago

Submitted by Boss Baller

The Pokemon Go craze is ingrained into the lives of gamers young and old.  The trend set millions of people swiping at glowing touch-screens day and night and in frigid cold wintery weather and even more sweat it out in summer heat.  Some say they do it for exercise.  Some say they do it for the interaction with other fans.  There’s one person out there who takes gaming passion to the next level.

He’s known by many names but to us, he’s Boss Baller

On Xbox, his Gamerscore is well-over 120,000 and he’s the reason Gamestop had to re-think their Power-Up Rewards program.  He’s a LEGITIMATE Level 39 Pokemon Master.  Boss’s aim is to help gamers from ALL backgrounds to achieve baller status.

In this segment, Boss re-tells the trip he took to the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, IL.  This piece is for TRULY hardcore Pokemon Fans and also gives some intel on upcoming Legendaries that are due soon.



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