correspondents were among the 20,000+ who attended the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago.  They reported that although the event was a great chance to meet fellow Pokemon fans, it was plagued with a few technical issues.  The biggest problem was that service and connectivity would not allow users to access the game in the vicinity of the event.

Niantic CEO John Hanke issued a statement:

“Technical issues with our game software caused client crashes and interfered with game-play for some users. The game-play issue was resolved with a server configuration change and the crashes were also addressed for many but not all users.” Hanke explained.

“A more protracted problem was caused by over-saturation of the mobile data networks of some network providers. This caused many attendees to be unable to access Pokémon Go or other Internet services. Network congestion also led to a login issue which affected some users able to access the Internet.” he continued.

He added, “Real-world events are core to the Niantic mission of exploration, exercise and social interaction. We’ve been doing events since the early days of Ingress in 2012.  Last Saturday was not a happy day for us but so that we can continue to build experiences that bring together people, technology, and the real world in innovative ways.”

WeirdosXxXx is currently developing a more in-depth article on the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago so check back later today.  It will include pictures of the event and plenty of details of what you missed from our own coverage!