Club Loose Independence Moves and Slumber Party Gallery Part 2

The WeirdosXxXx Editing Goats are working hard to keep cranking-out the weirdest and wildest shots from Independence Moves and Slumber party.  This is continued from Gallery Part 1.

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Pagoda Hillclimb Reading, PA Saturday June 23, 2018

Top of Dureya Drive Reading, Pennsylvania

Pagoda Hillclimb Reading, PA



Historical Society of Berks County Placard

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Dureya Drive could be listed on the all-time list of best roads in the world.  As it twists up Mt. Penn in Reading, PA (pronounced RED-ING) you begin to think you’re in a green tunnel.

Open Pit Stalls

It’s multiple hair-pin corners dictate concentration like a nun with a yard-stick.  Get out of line with this road and you’ll eat the surfaced-rusted guard-rail that snakes along the tarmac.


The real challenge is the elevation changes.  In-fact, the name of the road is after an engineer from Canton, Illinois decided to use it to successfully a gasoline-powered engine up-hill.  In the 1950’s hot-rodders, thrill-seekers, and gear-heads started gathering to set the fastest-time up that same mountain.

Today, the Pagoda Hillclimb race draws people of a similar ilk to both Charles Dureya and those nut-job-racers decades ago.  At first-glance, you have to stop and ask yourself “are these people insane?”  It isn’t just due to the fact that the road is treacherous, it’s because many of the machines you’ll see carving through corners were hand-built by the nut behind the wheel.

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Road Trip: Part Two

Road Trips: Part Two


“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” ~Herman Melville

Continued from Part One


Today’s modern life consists of multifarious activities that sometimes pull us toward monotony.  Think about it.  The hours spent on your phone browsing pictures of cats wearing hats or videos of guys talking about dead bodies they found in the desert.  Maybe even this past week you accomplished every task set before you and while the boss wasn’t looking you hopped on the ole phone to check Facebook, Twitter, or boom-boom-swiped 100 people on Tinder.  How many hours every week do you sit in traffic just to go to that job you’re so bored at?  Maybe you’re lucky and have an amazing career that challenges you, excites your intellect, and you love your commute to work…but that isn’t most people.

On my most recent road-trip, I headed to Potter County Pennsylvania to celebrate a graduation from High School with my family.  It’s that same family that would be along for the ride on many road-trips in that old Chevy Camper.  There are some new additions and some loses to this family.  The ones we lost are those who taught us the beauty of family while getting lost in Penn’s Woods.  The ones we gained are now the reasons why I continue to travel through Pennsylvania’s rolling hills, forests, cornfields and towns.  Those lessons of love and life translate not just toward family of blood, but family of spirit.

What do you call someone who loves the machines that drive us?  A motor-head?  How about a grease-monkey?  Some like to be called “Automotive Enthusiasts”.  No matter what nomenclature you call it, the love of hitting the open-road usually begins with family. To the racing-minded (whether driver or fan), driving hundreds of miles to the track is part of the fun…unless you’re sitting in traffic of course.  They go to be with people they might only see a few times a year but when they embrace, it is of fealty and a sense of family.

To those just looking to enjoy the most out of summer, hitting the road early to beat traffic was crucial.  That’s why Grandmom would yank us out of bed at 4 a.m. to hit the road in order to be the first on the Boardwalk of Wildwood New Jersey…120 miles away.  A short trip to us.

“WHOA, what was that?”  I said to the steering wheel.  I was just on the out-skirts of Coudy (that’s Coudersport to you flat-landers) and saw something that in 38 years I never knew existed.  Well, two things…

1954 Nash Statesman Super in front of Fezz’s Diner Coudersport, PA

When you’re on a road-trip, it’s good advice to obey the speed limit while you’re going through small towns.  You’ll have a greater opportunity to see hidden gems as well as keep those Smokies off your tail (remember…don’t get corn-holed).  As the Tundra made it’s u-turn, the feeling of being turned back through time came over me.

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Road Trip: Part One

Road Trips

We have all taken a road trip before.  Some people go down the shore.  Other people prefer to go camping or ride out to their favorite hiking trail.  In many cases such as the one that inspired this story, it was the love of family that put rubber to road.

When you were young, did your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles ever take you on a road trip?  Did they force you to wake up at the early morning hours just to beat traffic?  Did you have to pack every necessity days in advance of the occasion?  You most likely fell asleep only to wake up to your grandparents arguing about how they missed a turn.  Little did you know at such a young age that those “missed turns” were providing lasting memories.

I can recall trips that now take 4 hours seemingly lasting for 2 days.  The 1982 Chevrolet camper was packed with my cousins and my sisters.  The Grease Soundtrack blared on the 8-track.  As we plowed-through the open highways of Pennsylvania, I did my best to keep from being bored.  There were no Gameboys or iPads.  The nearest telephone could have been thirty miles away.  That camper did have a CB radio but we never touched it.  GPS was unheard of and even Mapquest was over a decade away from changing the road trip forever.  Getting lost helped a close-knit family come together…ok, that’s just my utopian memories of childhood but what actually happened was that everyone came unglued and blood and hair got stuck to the walls of the old Chevy.

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East Coast Bash 2018 People and Pits

People-watching.  Something everyone does.  Whether it’s at the mall, the beach, or in this case, the pits of a drift event, we all people-watch.  How many times have you sat on a bench and just eyed all that you could?  Did you realize that the humanity around you was also looking back?  We as a society gather en masse to people-watch today just as we have for thousands of years.  We just do things a bit differently these days.

When you get to a race track such as Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ, an overwhelming sensation fills you with emotions that words can’t gracefully detail.  E-town is one of those places that draws only those who want to enjoy the World as it should be.  The people in the pits of Club Loose’s East Coast Bash 2018 were there to experience all the World has to offer.  Their idea of Heaven is to soak up the Sun, drink a few brews, and shred tires with people that have become like a family.

Here’s a few shots of people watching at E-town.  Please feel free to share anything you like!

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Article and Photography by Matt Graham
Photo Editing done with GIMP by goats


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East Coast Bash 2018 Group C (Saturday) Highlights

Here are some C Group highlights from East Coast Bash 2018.   These were taken on Saturday.  We have a TON more from Sunday of C Group as well. Please feel free to share these on your preferred social media platform!

Do you want to see more East Coast Bash Drifting and partying?  The Weirdos goats are cranking away!  We’ll also be at Formula D Round 4 THE GAUNTLET our at Wall Township Speedway Saturday.  We’ll also be heading to the Pro Brodown out in Englishtown, NJ held by our friends at Club Loose.  That event is on Sunday.

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Article and Photography by Matt Graham
Photo Editing done with GIMP by goats

East Coast Bash 2018 Group A Highlights

Here are some A Group highlights from East Coast Bash 2018.  Please feel free to share these on your preferred social media platform!

Please bookmark us and check back with the site.  We have HUNDREDS of pictures from ECB weekend and will be uploading and updating our galleries daily.  This is just a small taste of what we have in-store.  Did we mention that we have HOURS of video to go through?  The Weirdos goats are cranking hard on the grindstone to bring you every inch of the track, every drop of sweat, and all the meat and beer you can shove down your pie-hole.


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Article and Photography by Matt Graham
Photo Editing done with GIMP by goats