Nintendo Switch Labo



NINTENDO is a name synonymous with fun.  To some, it is a name that smacks you in the head with childhood memories faster than your mom smacking those memories out of your head for playing too much damn NINTENDO… For many gamers it was the NINTENDO Entertainment System, the SUPER NINTENDO or N64.  Now it is Nintendo LABO  for the Switch that will be creating some good, fun memories.

NINTENDO’S marketing campaigns used the most famous Italians since Michelangelo or Frank Sinatra.  Parents were sent  to the stores not for board games such as Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly, but for video game cartridges that came in cardboard boxes.

The gaming phenomena was viewed as something that could prove harmful to children.  The “if you sit too close to the TV  you’ll go blind” phrase comes to mind.  News and media played the angle that kids weren’t getting exercise or that the lack of tactile interaction with objects might stunt a kid’s mental growth.

Now remember, this was the 80’s and parents in the US could still beat the hell out of their kid if they misbehaved, so the kids went outside.  Most kids in those days were just as happy reading the colorful game-manuals or building wooden model dinosaurs.   80’s kids also loved breathing-in that chemical smell from Shrinky Dinks or going through sticker books…it was a strange time.

They had no problem building cardboard forts, swords, robots, ghost traps, proton packs and whatever else an imaginative 80’s kid had on his or her mind.

nintendo labo variety

Cardboard is the future

The NINTENDO LABO is taking fans back a bit and creates a tactile experience combining cardboard with video games.  The LABO concept of “Make.  Play.  Discover” is self-explanatory.  More importantly, it gives kids another way to explore their own imagination… that is if the kids can keep their 80’s-baby parents out of the Robot Suit.

Who is to guess where NINTENDO Switch LABO will go from here but they will do it with their usual outside-the-box thinking.  How about some form of Slip-n-Slide?

nintendo labo robot


The LABO comes in two packages; the Toy Con 01 Variety Kit MSRP’s at $69.99 and the Toy Con 02 Robot Kit MSRP’s at $79.99.

Official Trailer