WeirdosXxXx Internet Gaming League

Ever want to play in an internet gaming league?  Well here’s your chance!  After a few weeks of planning, we are happy to finally have the signup sheet for our new Rainbow Six Siege league!

ALL FEES GO INTO THE PRIZE POOL!  Yes, that’s right, every cent will be used for prizes…and we have some cool ideas.

If we get 10 teams, that’s $400 in prizes…if we get 20 teams, that’s $800 in prizes.

Team registration form

All teams must have entry fee paid-in-full to play.  Entry is $40 (USD) per team.  There will be no refunds once the league officially starts.  All payments will go through PayPal by the team captain only.  It is the captain’s responsibility to collect league fees for their team.


  • 5 vs. 5
  • No pro level or ranked teams may enter.  Amateur only.
  • Standard maps picked at random each week
  • Secure Area game-type
  • Matches will be held in the server
  • Each match will be officiated by a staff member
  • Teams are limited to a 10-man roster including captains.
  • If you have a large team or clan, you may divide up and enter but all players are restricted to one team per season.

This is the basic set of rules.  A more detailed list will available soon.  If you have any questions, please let us know through the forums or email us at

Here is the direct link to the registration: