Are you into gaming, movies, TV, pop culture, and music?  We plan to blend all of what gamers want and need!

Although our plans include ALL gamers from ALL walks of life, we currently have an XBOX community with over 700 members as well as a STEAM community.  So if you have either XBOX or STEAM do a community search for WeirdosXxXx and ask to join!

Our goals are to bring every gamer, from every game here to discuss what they feel.  We hope to relay gaming news and tips as well as what’s going on IRL.  If you don’t know what “IRL” means…you probably don’t belong here.

In the very near future, we will begin production on an original Gaming Movie (also called machinima).  The project will be created in a similar fashion to what many Hollywood professionals do…only that we’re broke and don’t have millions of anything other than flies.

Some of the characters in the story have already been introduced in our most recent YOUTUBE videos.

Help us grow!