Drift Cars and Good Times


The Weirdo of the Track was out again at Raceway Park Englishtown, New Jersey for Club Loose’ Friday Night Drift Party and Hot Moves weekend event.  It was held July 20th and 21st 2018.  For drivers, it was a weekend to turn plenty of laps in order to hone their skills.

For everyone else it was another time to work on their tan as they spectated the action or have a few drinks with friends old and new.

It was the kind of weekend that proved correct the Club Loose rule regarding the “W” word…you don’t talk about it.  The winds were whipping, the trees were swaying, but the tires shredded pavement all weekend long.

Have you ever planned-out a trip that you anticipated so much but suffered a few setbacks in the process of getting there?

For those of you who don’t know, the Weirdo of the Track resides over two hours away from this particular track.  Over the course of the past 8-9 years, he has made the trek many times.  Most of those times he either arrived with a half-built drift car or was late due to working late on his machine.

The long trip (and Club Loose) has taught him (or should have taught him) to ensure that his vehicle can make the 250-mile round-trip.  “Let’s replace the brakes.”  He said to himself.  “It will be simple.”  Well, that simple job turned into a small nightmare due to a few frozen caliper cylinders.

After prying and pounding and a little bit of crying, the Weirdo of the Track pulled the caliper off and put it in the BENCH VICE OF DOOM to coax those little bastards back in place.  Nothing can stop a determined Weirdo.

Although the plan was to arrive at 3-4pm, the Weirdo didn’t get to Englishtown until after 8pm.  After high-fiving a few people he darted out into The Hairpin media bunker to set up shop.

There was just enough time to snap a few shots of those die-hards still running.  After fumbling through various camera settings, a chance meeting with anther media guy changed how the Weirdo thought about action shots.

The two chatted for a bit and after exchanging pleasantries, the Weirdo decided to be bold and ask a REAL photographer some tricks to shoot at night.  It was a brief but valuable lesson.

Nissan 350z Drifting at Night
Lights over the Track Raceway Park Englishtown
BMW 2002 Lighting the Track

By the time the Canon Eos was set properly, the course was shut-down for the night.  If you’ve never made a Club Loose event or haven’t been there at night, understand that the party doesn’t stop when the Sun drops.

A light of your smoke…
Sneaky Pete’s

After the drifting stops at Club Loose NJ, and if your are 21 or over, grab your friends and drop into Sneaky Pete’s for a drink. 

Can’t handle this on the heavy acid

It’s the type of place that once you go through the big barn doors you’d think you were in some sort of Timothy Leary nightmare but they have great bartenders who serve up a variety of libations to wet your whistle.  Just try not to stay too long or you’ll end up like this.

Sneaky Pete’s
“Too Weird to live, too rare to die”

The next day was actually quite breath-taking with bright clouds highlighting the brilliant blue tones of the skies over Englishtown.  If you have had the chance to camp-out overnight at a race track, you most likely woke to the sounds of engines turning over.  To the Weirdo of the Track that is the World’s best alarm clock.

Skies over Raceway Park
Club Loose Pits

After you pull yourself out of whatever hole you crawled into the night before, you notice tons of activity.  You hear more exhaust notes than you can imagine.  There’s a buzz to the track that can only be best understood if you’re there…in the middle of it. 

“Coffee…I need coffee.” You tell yourself.  Some people leave the confines of Raceway Park and head out to WaWa or QuickStop but thank the Maker that the track has it’s own little slice of Heaven within the gates.

Hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and even energy drinks are sold at the track near the tech inspection area.  What else do you need to help wake you up even more than the sound of engines with big loped cams or blow-off valves purging?

Breakfast at the Track

The crazy thing is that some of the folks you partied with the night before had already been up working on some last-minute tweaks to their drift machines.  It’s in their blood.

Working Hard

The gas tanks were filled…

…the tires were kicked…

Checking Tire Pressure

…it’s about time to get Hot Moves started.

240sx Sandwich

Please check back with Part 2 later!

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Article and Photography by Matt Graham
Photo Editing done with GIMP by goats