People-watching.  Something everyone does.  Whether it’s at the mall, the beach, or in this case, the pits of a drift event, we all people-watch.  How many times have you sat on a bench and just eyed all that you could?  Did you realize that the humanity around you was also looking back?  We as a society gather en masse to people-watch today just as we have for thousands of years.  We just do things a bit differently these days.

When you get to a race track such as Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ, an overwhelming sensation fills you with emotions that words can’t gracefully detail.  E-town is one of those places that draws only those who want to enjoy the World as it should be.  The people in the pits of Club Loose’s East Coast Bash 2018 were there to experience all the World has to offer.  Their idea of Heaven is to soak up the Sun, drink a few brews, and shred tires with people that have become like a family.

Here’s a few shots of people watching at E-town.  Please feel free to share anything you like!

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Article and Photography by Matt Graham
Photo Editing done with GIMP by goats


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