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Destiny Day: Week 3


Crucible Challenges- Complete 3 Crucible Challenges

Call to Arms- Play Crucible matches

Nightfall: Exodus Crash- Details:  ATTRITION and the Timewarp is Anomalies.

Flashpoint: Titan- Complete public events on Titan



Destiny Day (Tuesdays): Week 2

Updated 9/12/17 6:00pm EST

Week 2 Milestones:

Strike Challenges- Complete 3 Strike Challenges

Flashpoint: Nessus- Complete public events on Nessus

Nightfall: The Inverted Spire, Arcadian Valley -Details: Prism and the Timewarp is Rings

Calls to Arms- Crucible participation

Clan XP

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About the Destiny Crew:

The team consists of many gamers from all walks of life.  They are all deeply devoted to the gaming life but there are a few of us whose devotion to one series in particular that makes us truly weird.

A few short years back, Bungie (creators of the HALO series) decided it was time to change the way we think of gaming one more time.  They had many years to develop not just a game but a mythology that rivals Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.  DESTINY’s storyline and immersive game-play broke the mold by incorporating Grimiore Cards, epic cut-scenes, gear with back-stories that made you wake up at 6am to grind on, and raids that sometimes destroyed inter-personal relationships IRL.

Eventually, clans were created in Destiny and the Lifted Minds were formed. The Lifted Minds are not only friends of the WeirdosXxXx, they are our EXCLUSIVE Clan.  Consisting of MASTER TITAN and Lifted Minds creator ThirdEyeStrong whose specialty is smashing, grinding for the hardest of the hardest, and dancing.  We also have WARLOCK Boss Baller aka R DUBB aka Uncle Rico who utilizes the best technology Apple can throw at him to give you the latest in Destiny News.  WeirdosXxXx co-founder and goat master CarnageXxXx recently used a Jedi Mind Trick on XixdOUGHNUTsxiX to go out into the world and buy a copy of DESTINY 2.

Aside from these four, and the Lifted Minds have loads of members and friends who are just as passionate about Destiny as anyone.  We all are devoted to bringing you the best tips, tricks, clips, and more to help you on your quest to be the greatest Guardian you can be!  Thank you and enjoy!

NOT just another gaming site.

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