Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg

Gaming News Update


According to an interview conducted by,  the head of marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg states that cross-platform play is in the works with Sony Playstation.

Although cross-platform capable games like Minecraft and Rocket League have skyrocketed in popularity since they debuted, Playstation has been notoriously reluctant to enter the cross-platform environment.  The success of such a venture would mark a great shift in the online gaming dynamic.

Greenberg’s brief comment on the idea of having gamers from PC, Xbox, and Playstation come together was hopeful but it could be assumed that he could not legally comment further on the actual talks and agreements made with Sony Playstation.

Games such as Sea of Thieves and Rise of Nations have been recently announced to be available for download on both Windows 10 and Steam.

Greenberg also made mention that Xbox One X sales have been extremely positive across the World.  He reveled  that are teams working on back-catalog upgrades to certain games that will allow Xbox One X owners to go back and play old titles in 4K UHD.  Gears of War 4, Halo 5, and Halo Wars 2 are some of the games being worked on.  It is to be understood that Xbox X owners have 4K UHD televisions.

Although 4KUHD games are few, titles such as Forza Motorsports 7, Star Wars Battlefront II, and the new Tomb Raider are on the way.  Ironically, the November 7th Xbox One X release date comes almost a month after Forza 7 (October 3rd).