Gamer Finds Dead Body

Go check out our newest series in gaming entertainment!  Tales from the Weird Episode One features a gruesome, true story told by our very own CreepyCjXxXx.

The story takes place about 10 years ago in the Arizona desert when one day he discovered a dead body.

This series features the conversations that happen during typical gaming sessions.  Gamers of all walks of life enjoy sharing their tales, sometimes to the point where the actual reason we play games comes to the surface.

Some say its the artwork, some say it’s a great time-waster, to some gaming is a way to forget about life’s harshness for awhile.  To most, it’s about coming together to kibitz, to wax intellectual, or to tell some outrageous events that happened.

Friendships can develop in the most interesting ways, and consequently, gamers can overcome the baddest of bosses, chaotic combat, and the most difficult in-game challenges.  The familiarity garnered from talking to your online friends everyday is what makes good gamers better while loners tend to die alone.