LIVE STREAM Thursday! Redneck Gamers get Wild Live Stream Thursday

We are happy to announce that will be hosting a Live Stream Production this Thursday on our youtube channel!  Our team  will be playing the FTP game CROSSOUT live online.  It will feature TWO perspectives from affiliate rednecks who just LOVE taking people to the woodshed in CROSSOUT.

If you are a fan of horsepower, shooting games, and rednecks you don’t want to miss this!

Date:  August 31, 2017

Time:  8:00 -9:00 p.m  U.S. Eastern Standard



Cross-Platform Play Openly Discussed at Gamescon

Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg

Gaming News Update


According to an interview conducted by,  the head of marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg states that cross-platform play is in the works with Sony Playstation.

Although cross-platform capable games like Minecraft and Rocket League have skyrocketed in popularity since they debuted, Playstation has been notoriously reluctant to enter the cross-platform environment.  The success of such a venture would mark a great shift in the online gaming dynamic.

Greenberg’s brief comment on the idea of having gamers from PC, Xbox, and Playstation come together was hopeful but it could be assumed that he could not legally comment further on the actual talks and agreements made with Sony Playstation.

Games such as Sea of Thieves and Rise of Nations have been recently announced to be available for download on both Windows 10 and Steam.

Greenberg also made mention that Xbox One X sales have been extremely positive across the World.  He reveled  that are teams working on back-catalog upgrades to certain games that will allow Xbox One X owners to go back and play old titles in 4K UHD.  Gears of War 4, Halo 5, and Halo Wars 2 are some of the games being worked on.  It is to be understood that Xbox X owners have 4K UHD televisions.

Although 4KUHD games are few, titles such as Forza Motorsports 7, Star Wars Battlefront II, and the new Tomb Raider are on the way.  Ironically, the November 7th Xbox One X release date comes almost a month after Forza 7 (October 3rd).




Nintendo Partners with PayPal

The Nintendo Company has decided to allow users of the Nintendo Switch to use PayPal as a method of payment for their eStore.

From Nintendo’s website:

“Customers in the U.S. and Canada can now use their PayPal accounts to purchase digital games and content for the Nintendo Switch™ system, both on the system and in the Game Store on the Nintendo website. ”

This announcement coincides with the upcoming release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which teams up Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi  four Rabbids heroes.  This marks yet another collaboration with Nintendo and Ubisoft subsidiaries and the first Nintendo console exclusive since 2012.  The game will be released next Tuesday August 29, 2017.  


Nintendo Paypal Announcement


Xbox One X Project Scorpio Pre-Order

Submitted by Editor

Today at approximately 5pm WeirdosXxXx Correspondent Boss Baller a.k.a. R Dubb a.k.a. Uncle Rico received an important phone call.

The call came at approximately 5pm on a gorgeous South Jersey Sunday following a weekly meeting (and tuxedo fitting) with advisors XixdOUGHNUTsxiX and MixedWhiteBoy.

After a P.J. Wheelihans lunch, we headed back to Echo Base to review the affairs of the week which included plans for the Mayweather/ McGregor fight next weekend as well as some tentative plans for a New York Supreme Store trip.  We just finished watching the Kill Bill Movies and decided to break the fellowship.   The day even had an impact on the ceaseless energy that Boss Baller emits like that of a hydro-electric power plant.

I stepped out of the quiet suburban solitude and into the late-afternoon August Sun and prepared my mind for the sixty-mile drive back home and the chaos of “Shore Traffic”.  As I put the key in the ignition, my “gamer’s eyes” caught the motion of R Dubb’s front door swinging open wildly from across the street.  The hydro-power was back in his step as he bounded down his manicured front yard toward his twin-turbo-powered grocery-getter.

The call was from the GameStop where Boss Baller earns enough Power-Up Rewards points to buy small countries in South America.  He had already hit his remote-starter and by the time I ignited the Toyota V8 sitting in 3 feet in front of me, Boss Baller was in his vehicle and  shouted “THE PRE-ORDER IS RELEASED!  GAMESTOP JUST CALLED ME!”

We tore the pavement up with a combined 710 foot pounds of torque toward the GameStop a mile away.  Even right now it is disputed whether R Dubb actually turned his vehicle off.  As he flung the door open and as we stepped inside my eyes had to re-adjust to the “gamer lighting conditons” GameStop utilizes.  We gamers typically prefer cave-like environments and any good GameStop understands this concept.

Boss bowled his way passed the shelves of Pokémon toys and GameStop Exclusive Xûr Funko Pops straight to the register.  A familiar face was already at the register…it was Doughnuts.  Boss Baller, the Shot Caller, informed  Doughnuts that the 4K UHD, 8-core Xbox One X pre-order had just begun.

According to the Sales Representative at GameStop,  there was a limit of 10 Scorpio pre-orders PER STORE.  Unlike a typical pre-order for a game, gamers had to put up a $100 (USD) deposit. was there at 5:05PM and can account for two pre-orders.  By the time Boss and Doughnuts finished up it was about quarter-after and the clerks reported that the system seemed to have shuttered momentarily due to the network volume.

If you haven’t pre-ordered what WeirdosXxXx is going to dub the XXbox (Say “Xbox One X” out loud a bunch of times…XXbox rolls off the tongue better), your chances of scoring one on Ebay or Amazon are possible but at high-cost.  As of the submission of this article, there have already been sales as high as $699 USD.  The retail price is $499.


Xbox and Doritos have Joined Forces in Mexico

Yes, this exists, but you have to go to Mexico to get it.  This is actually one of 6 known variations.  Even doesn’t have Sabor Chiles Ahumados.

Microsoft Studios and Xbox have kicked-off a major marketing campaign to generate interest in their upcoming XBOX ONE X console.   Frito Lay’s Doritos will contain codes for prizes and other considerations.


There is no word yet as to when these bags will be made available outside of Mexico.  It is typical for food manufacturers to have limited, regional test-bed for certain new flavors.  Mexico has in recent years seen a steady increase in video game console sales.  Xbox 360 has dominated Latin America for years and this latest X Console will test Microsoft’s strength in an area where the average monthly income is just over $800 USD…not far off the speculated Price of the Xbox One X.

This is the box that will be promoted for the new marketing campaign.  For the price of the new console, they better have those bags of  Sabor Chiles Ahumados.



NHL 18 Beta with Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie, Claude Giroux, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards

NHL 18 Beta 1st Period

WeirdosXxXx Entertainment Division could not get Angelina Jolie but we found a Brad Pitt Easter Egg! hired two new voices to in addition to the current correspondents of which to handle NHL 18 action in the form of Dick Dykhaus and Dijon Williams.  They are paired up to give a play-by-play analysis of some action as well as allowing us to see what’s new in NHL 18. As a result, some hilarious hockey action occurred.

NHL 18 will be available to the public September 15, 2017 on Xbox One and Playstation 4.  Check back for the second period!

EA Access members will be able to play 7 days early with “Play First Trials”.







WeirdosXxXx Entertainment and have no affiliation with Electronic Arts, the National Hockey League, or NBC.

This video is for Mature Audiences.

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For Honor Free to Play on Xbox Live, Playstation, and PC

For Honor is now available to play for free for the next few days.  Ubisoft’s website states that from August 10, 2017 through August 14th you will be able to access For Honor and slay all weekend!

Head to your Dashboard or Store!

If you have any For Honor content, clips, tips, or other information and would like to contribute to, please let us know!

Boss Talk with Boss Baller – Gaming Discussion Pokemon Go Fest Highlights and more


The Pokemon Go craze is ingrained into the lives of gamers young and old.  The trend set millions of people swiping at glowing touch-screens day and night and in frigid cold wintery weather and even more sweat it out in summer heat.  Some say they do it for exercise.  Some say they do it for the interaction with other fans.  There’s one person out there who takes gaming passion to the next level.

He’s known by many names but to us, he’s Boss Baller

On Xbox, his Gamerscore is well-over 120,000 and he’s the reason Gamestop had to re-think their Power-Up Rewards program.  He’s a LEGITIMATE Level 39 Pokemon Master.  Boss’s aim is to help gamers from ALL backgrounds to achieve baller status.

In this segment, Boss re-tells the trip he took to the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, IL.  This piece is for TRULY hardcore Pokemon Fans and also gives some intel on upcoming Legendaries that are due soon.

Pokemon Go Fest Story WeirdosXxXx Boss Talk with Boss Baller