Internet Gaming League Registration

WeirdosXxXx Internet Gaming League

Ever want to play in an internet gaming league?  Well here’s your chance!  After a few weeks of planning, we are happy to finally have the signup sheet for our new Rainbow Six Siege league!

ALL FEES GO INTO THE PRIZE POOL!  Yes, that’s right, every cent will be used for prizes…and we have some cool ideas.

If we get 10 teams, that’s $400 in prizes…if we get 20 teams, that’s $800 in prizes.

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NINTENDO Switch LABO Coming Soon

Nintendo Switch Labo



NINTENDO is a name synonymous with fun.  To some, it is a name that smacks you in the head with childhood memories faster than your mom smacking those memories out of your head for playing too much damn NINTENDO… For many gamers it was the NINTENDO Entertainment System, the SUPER NINTENDO or N64.  Now it is Nintendo LABO  for the Switch that will be creating some good, fun memories.

NINTENDO’S marketing campaigns used the most famous Italians since Michelangelo or Frank Sinatra.  Parents were sent  to the stores not for board games such as Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly, but for video game cartridges that came in cardboard boxes. Continue reading NINTENDO Switch LABO Coming Soon

Rainbow Six Siege League Coming Soon

We are currently in the process of creating our very first gaming league!  Our plans are to gather teams all over North America to compete in Ubisoft’s Rainbow 6 Siege.

The details are still being worked out but we’re hoping to gain some interest!  We would love your feedback!  If you have a team or were thinking about competing, why not join our league?

You can help give us feedback by signing up for our forums and posting your interest.  It is totally free to join the forums!  You can do that here

More details are coming soon!

Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down

The internet is abuzz like a hornets nest blasted by an angry hobo with a shotgun; the Rainbow Six Siege servers are down!

Ubisoft reports all platforms and games down.

Players across the Ubisoft fan-base have been experiencing an inability to join Ubisoft Online Multiplayer games such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, For Honor, several Assasin’s Creed games and other titles listed below.  Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the most popular titles (in terms of monthly player totals) for Ubisoft reaching over 100,000 unique users December 2017. Continue reading Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down

Creepy Finds Dead Body in Desert

Gamer Finds Dead Body

Go check out our newest series in gaming entertainment!  Tales from the Weird Episode One features a gruesome, true story told by our very own CreepyCjXxXx.

The story takes place about 10 years ago in the Arizona desert when one day he discovered a dead body.

This series features the conversations that happen during typical gaming sessions.  Gamers of all walks of life enjoy sharing their tales, sometimes to the point where the actual reason we play games comes to the surface.

Some say its the artwork, some say it’s a great time-waster, to some gaming is a way to forget about life’s harshness for awhile.  To most, it’s about coming together to kibitz, to wax intellectual, or to tell some outrageous events that happened.

Friendships can develop in the most interesting ways, and consequently, gamers can overcome the baddest of bosses, chaotic combat, and the most difficult in-game challenges.  The familiarity garnered from talking to your online friends everyday is what makes good gamers better while loners tend to die alone.


Climbing Mount Everest

Story by Ross Waller


Although most my goals in the first Destiny were completed, one always eluded me; top Trials of Osiris honors. So after missing out on the Lighthouse in Destiny 1, I was determined to do anything in my power to get to the new Exclusive are for those who go Flawless in Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine.   

The magic of the internet helped to find solutions and ways to get better at the new weekly event known now as the Trials of the Nine.  This is a Destiny weekend event where you get a score card on wins and losses. 7 match wins in a row is a perfect score. Doing this unlocks even more vendors in the Citadel. These vendors are called an Emissary of the Nine…… do we remember anyone else that works for the 9? Xur our weekly exotic dealer that shows up and teases us with some gear we almost always couldn’t have gotten on our own.   

Who are these illustrious NINE? Maybe we will find out soon. But back to the point at hand.  After going loss after loss in the Trials on Friday with members of our Destiny Clan LIFTED MINDS, I was determined to not allow history to repeat itself by missing-out on all the cool gear or seeing a place in the game I never got to.  After doing a bit of online research and combing the web for help I came across a website that has a mission to help hardcore Guardians like myself to attain the most difficult missions DESTINY has to offer.  Continue reading

Destiny 2 Crucible Play with Lifted Minds Clan

The Lifted Minds Clan is’s OFFICIAL Destiny 2 Crucible fireteam here with some “highlights” of their first livestream.  These are no ordinary highlights, these are the moments that we consider LIQUID GOLD RECORDS.  This is the stuff that makes gaming party chat life miserable or, if you are like us, it is what we live for.

Parental Advisory Warning Destiny 2 Crucible


Destiny 2 Grinding all week

Teaser Trailer

We have been hard at work all week here at getting as much excellent footage of Destiny 2 that we can fit on our hard drives!  It’s been a long journey to get our Guardians passed the 265 Light mark and onto bigger and better things from the Leviathan Raid.

Xur is expected to be in the Tower this weekend for the first time as well as Trials of the Nine!  We want to give you the most accurate information possible on what else to expect so stay tuned!

Here’s a teaser-shot of a hilarious new video we are working on:

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